What To Do At 22

So, this week was my birthday. I was 22. Where’s the time gone? It doesn’t seem that long ago I was deciding what fourth GCSE I should pick and now look where I am. Working fulltime and trying to figure it all out still. I had chilled one this year but it was actually pretty decent.

Like most people in their twenties, when it comes to your birthday you try and look back on what you’ve done, what you’re proud of and all that jazz, but one thing stood out for me.

I’ve missed out on a lot.

I’m not at all saying I’m disappointed in myself or anything because I’ve done some pretty cool things and made unforgettable memories, but I just kept rethinking “if only I’d done that” or “ahhh why didn’t I give that a go”. It could be the smallest thing of tagging along to the pub when I was at uni, signing up to a club, or even plucking up the courage to asking a girl if she’d like to have a drink sometime. Small things that I just didn’t or don't do. And I seriously regret it.

Your younger years are meant to be full of brilliant times and constant entertainment. Or that’s what were lead to believe. I look around and see people doing wonders, and I catch myself thinking, “why is that not me?”. But then I also see people who are clearly in the same boat as me, looking as if they’ve missed out on something but carrying on with life as if it’s normal. And I guess it is, when you're stuck. I’m all for the saying everything happens for a reason, but what if nothings really happening because you’re the reason?

I feel like I’ve been lacking the drive to take control of things and just let life get on with it. I think if I’m honest I’ve still been stuck in the idea that I’m still at college or school where you’ve got a routine which you HAVE to follow.

Funnily enough sam you’re not at school anymore, YOU ARE  22.

These past few days have really made me realise I need to change that. Not some drastic thing where I need to up sticks and go to the middle of nowhere and ‘find myself’, but just say yes to more things I guess. I always like the end of film YES MAN where he basically finds the balance. Just give it ago and enjoy life, don’t just exist in it.One thing I’m sure about is carrying on with blogging and fashion. It’s something that’s really got my attention and nothing has for a while. It's going to open me up to discovering new things and places. So, let’s hope by next year when I’m 23 I can look back this and laugh at myself for being a soppy sod. Ello future Sam keeping being you.

Thanks for reading my little insight to it all and I’d be happy to speak to anyone who feels the same because it might be a laugh at the end of it all ay?

Also, I’d like to say a HUUGE thank you for the response of my last post. It was something I didn’t think would spark so much positive conversation if I’m honest. Take a look if you didn’t see it and keep supporting each other.

Thanks very much,



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