Let It Go

So, last week I said the next post I would be doing would be about the James Bay/ Topman collection with the cool looking shots. It didn’t happen. At first I thought damn I’m so crap at this blogging thing, what am I doing? 

I have had yet again another long week at work, and if I’m honest, I’m pretty sure that’s going to be the foreseeable future so eventually I will find the right balance. I know I will.

On Friday I had a day off and went to the coast for the day, and much like my previous blog post about finding your restart (check that out if you haven’t, shameless plug) it felt a bit like that.

This blog post is slightly vague I guess but what will unravel is, it’s okay to let it go (James Bay pun intended because I’m a mug with schedules)

Many things in our lives don’t t go to plan, let’s be honest. Unless you’re one of those super lucky people who just roll into luck 24/7, it can get on your wick a bit. You can plan what you’re going to do, what you’re going to say, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Whether it be something as small as organising a photoshoot (shout out to myself for mucking it up), or hoping other social things will fall into place and you’ll potentially have the ‘moment’, and it just doesn’t go that way despite a massive build up. But Is that a bad thing?

Initially you think, “bloody hell just get on with it” or “Are you having a laugh, that’s not what I planned to happen?”. The smallest things seem to get in the way of what seemed like such good ideas in the first place.

All this was flying about my head on Friday while I was strolling around and again things started to become clearer. It was almost as if the fresh air was brushing out all the mess you’ve made in your brain, overthinking or over planning certain things, and just left me with right stuff.

I think stuff like this reminded me of the walk I did on the beach too. When anyone starts walking through the sand, your footsteps are chaotic, you’re trying to find the balance so you don’t walk like a fool or trip. Once you’ve got that sorted you’ve got a balance but remember, you’re still on the sand trying to maintain this balance on un even ground. See where I’m going with this? You’re still trying to find the right balance on bumpy ground. It’s not going to work. In Wells (the seaside town I was in) there is a beach, forest and lake all in one it’s brilliant. 

It’s very similar to the steps you take getting on with these situations. The beach is the initial madness, the forest is you realising what’s going on and you can see the light through the tree’s and eventually you find the open lake. The end makes you think differently. For it was being realistic about certain situations. Firstly, I thought well I said I was going to do this James Bay clothing shoot and it didn’t work out just yet. So what? It’s going to happen at some point and if anything, I’ve learnt not to blab to early. Secondly with any other plans you have or moments you want to happen. They Will. You’ve gone through that stage of, “oh don’t worry next time it’ll happen” to, “if it happens it will happen for the right reasons and the moment you wanted will be more honest than you could imagine”. So it’s fine. Let all that tenseness just go.  

So next week there will be another post, I have a few ideas, but nothing set in stone. And when will I come out? Sometime next week when it’s right. And that’s as far as I know or want to know. Sounds like a proper mug thing say by sounding all free and cliché, but it’s nice just to go phew. It’s going to work out and it’ll be worth the wait.

Something to remember going to beach in Britain, comfort is key. I know in the photo’s the clothes aren’t the greatest (or maybe they are let me know?) but, long as you were a decent looking pair of sunglasses, it’s all good.

This week’s idea may have gone off on a bit of a tangent, but hope you enjoyed reading and maybe can relate to it too. Let me know.

Thanks very much,





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