Not All 'Men' Are Mugs

It has taken me a while to figure out the right way to come across about this subject, but I feel it should be spoken about. This is completely my opinion, and it may not come out as intended but I’ll try my best.

I was laying on my bed after a nap and scrolling through my phone as we do and the multiple news stories about scumbag Harvey Weinstein were everywhere and I took the time to read the statement Cara Delevingne had posted and it makes me sick. Sick to think the that in 2017, women are STILL  suffering all over the world in silence because of disgusting, vile men. And this is only one part of a very big issue. There is no place in any world for that revolting behaviour and it angers us that so called ‘men’ like that can walk the streets. Something that sparked this post was, at the end of statement written by Cara. She said, “The more we talk about it, the less power we give them. I urge you all to talk and to the people who defend these men, you are part of the problem”.

No matter who you are, we need to talk. Express your support, be the difference and make the changes. All very broad statements but couldn’t be clearer. I have seen it myself, van drivers zoom past honking a horn or a builder whistling at a woman. And it sends a shiver down my spine. Of course I’m not saying it’s all van drivers and builders at all, I’m stating facts of what I have seen. Also take a look around you if you are unfortunate enough to witness this and see who’s smiling? I bet you no one is and the woman the moron was harassed by is certainly not thinking, “oh I’m so glad some loser has just sped past and harassed me, if only he slowed down so I could thank him”. These ‘Men’ are beyond words. The reason they speed off is because they know women are brave enough to tackle them. They are cowards and are barely human. Like Cara said, the less power they have if we keep talking about it. So, if you see a situation like this as your passing by take photos of the number plates, faces or companies and report, repost and share it. Do whatever it takes for justice. This is not bullying this is equality, bravery and humans coming together.

Reading the countless stories has split me in two. I am ashamed of men who partake in this revolting behavior but at the same time I am proud of the man I am. I have never had the thought or been a part of any of that behavior because it’s not the man I am. I am respectful, I do not associate with men who do that and I am proud to say my male friends are just the same. I have not chosen the right path for any other reason than, it was my human nature that chose to do right. This isn’t a post to say, “oh feel sorry for the good guys that aren’t noticed” this is a post to say we stand together. We do not want this. I am proud of my generation of men for not accepting this so called ‘laddish behavior’. So talk, talk and talk some more. The more we do, the less of them.

I hope these words have done some justice and have not come across as condescending in away. You don’t need some nobody to tell you this because you should know already. Do what’s right and stand together.

Thanks very much,



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