All About Autumn

Finally. Autumn is here. I enjoy the sun but unfortunately my burnt skin has other ideas and let’s be honest, cosy clothes feel much better.

It’s all about getting the right combination of jacket and jumper or, just jumper or just jacket at the begging of autumn but that’s part of the fun I guess. I’ll be showing what my idea is for a good in-between is before the really cold nights are upon as and the heavy coats come knocking.

In the first look, I’ve got the jacket and jumper combo going on. Despite the jacket looking like it’s a warm one, it’s actually quite thin. But I think that’s a plus as it gives you the opportunity to whack on a fairy thick jumper. I’ve kept the jumper simple as I think it’s important to keep the jacket as the headliner of this piece. But a little detail around the neck seems to suit it just right. The jacket was a steal from the Topman sale for £13! Proper bargain there. The jumper is from the previous season from H&M with that trusted staff discount. The whole look felt comfortable with the jacket just giving it that bit of sharpness.

The second look is about creeping into the autumn/ winter jumpers without sweating like a pig. This knitted burgundy jumper could quite easily go well with a navy wool coat but in the meantime, if the sun hasn’t got his hat on it’s perfect just by itself. I recommend this colour too. It’s a staple autumn colour which can pretty much go with anything. I’ve got a pair of Next black skinny jeans on but, it’d also go well with deep, dark blue pair as well. The well-worn Doc Martens made an appearance again and just so happened to match with the jumper which is always a plus. I highly recommend grabbing a pair of them for the winter, no slippin just vibing (lol).

The final piece is something I really wouldn’t usually pick up, but it reminded me of my childhood favourite, Toy Story. Don’t judge. It’s from last season’s John Lewis sale but funnily enough, the statement jumper is in for this Autumn. Looking at many of the upcoming pieces bold words, or objects on jumpers looks like it’s here to stay so it was a bargain at £18. I think it’s always good to go back into shops after the sales have been hyped up because, gems like this always pop out and you’ll be surprised at what decent things get left behind. Also, the quality and comfort on this jumper are a big scorer. And that’s what you need in these brisk days. Comfort and quality.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post and let me know what you think of the shoot. This is the first one I've done since starting this blog and I was abit nervy doing it. So, apologies for the awkward hands or faces made, fingers crossed it’ll get better as I go along.

Thanks very much,



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