Where's Your Restart?

From the get go I said I’d be writing things about fashion and lifestyle, and I guess this blog post still is. I don’t want to sound like I talk about mopey stuff or get into that habit of it but this is something I think we all forget.

Where’s your restart?

We’ve all got one and we sometimes forget where it is, or what it is. It could be an album, film, photo, smell or anything that makes you stop and think clearly again. For me it’s a place. Nothing special but it’s my place.

Just outside of Cambridge is place called Bury St Edmunds, it’s a small town (with a new shopping centre which I recommend if you're close by) that you can wander around and just watch the world go by. As a child, my summer holidays were filled with memories of going to the park where I’d run around, slide down the massive slides and climb across the ruins of the Abbey that was once there. As a child, I’d race through the beautiful gardens and not take a second glance. 

That’s all changed now.

Since finishing uni, I started straight into a hectic full time job and never gave myself time to chill. You know? I didn’t really consider in my head how much of big deal going into full time work would be. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love working. Since I was 15 I’ve always had jobs and I just like working hard. Even with creative ideas, I’ll work as hard as I can to get the results I want, even if It doesn’t work out least I can be proud to say I tried. But sometimes you need to slow down. Things can become a little hazy, you’re not yourself and all in all, you’re just not enjoying life.

Heading back to those gardens was a breath of fresh air (and a great day off) just walking around and the ridiculous colours. Then the best part of the day happened when I remember this tiny secret garden, which people just seem to stroll by. I opened the heavy metal gate and was greeted by this pond with a couple of gentle fountains, and a few wonderful skinned fish cruising about. And it was silent. In a fairly busy park, everything was calm for a second and it all just rebooted. You know when you sometimes get a blocked ear from a train or plane or a cold and eventually it just pops back and all becomes clear? Think of that but in your mind. All that I was getting stressed, tired and frustrated about seemed to organise itself and basically said to myself, “Sam.Wake up yeah? It’s all good”.

I’m not saying it will be as easy as that for everyone who’s knackered or struggling abit and it might not even be a place. But it’s good to know you’ve got a hold of something that is always there to kick start you and get you back on track. If you still don’t really know what your restart is, maybe do some backtracking. Rediscover some nostalgic memories in your life and see how it goes. It definitely worked for me and you never know it might work for you.

Since then, I’ve had some really good ideas for this blog, I know what I’m going to attempt to achieve at work (whether it works or not) and I feel clearer about things now.

Hope anyone who reads this, genuinely gives this ago and maybe let me know how it goes?

Thanks very much,


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