Things I swear by Pt. 1

Ello, this blog post is abit later than usual because it’s been a very crazy past week with work and stuff but I’m here!

This week I’m talking about those few items we have that you would talk/ argue about till you’re blue in the face because, you believe they are the only contenders with your lifestyle. No doubt, no trying to change my opinion kinda thing.

Because my life at the moment is basically non-stop work, I’ve decided that I might as well make myself feel good while I’m there which makes those long days good by just that bit easier.

First of all, I’ll be talking about what scents that were my staple smell for years and now my new-found love. Since 2011 in prime GCSE Indie years, I was a massive fan of Burberry (thanks to the Indie legend George Craig and his work with Burberry). It’s prom, I’ve got a great prom date, still have the mop hair but we’ll not talk about that, and I want to smell good. I went to Debenhams and there it was. Sitting ever so nonchalantly on the shelf. Burberry, ‘Touch for men’. I grabbed one of them little bits of paper, sprayed the scent and waved it around because I’d seen people do that and just assumed that’s what you do. Then boom. The smell was incredible. As a teenager, I felt for a second I was this cool twenty-two year old guy with his life sorted and smelling like a dude. I was thinking in my head how to describe it and this may sound odd but to me it’s a sharp, casual smell. It’s a laidback sophistication that has worked wonders for the past six years (wow I’m getting on...) and reasonably priced so all in all I can’t knock this product. I’ve gone through a few bottles and as it’s slowly becoming hard to come by, recently I had to find another.
Back I went to Debenhams to search for another and, I never actually know what I’m looking for. I usually just wander around looking at the designs first and spraying too many and come out smelling like I’ve just jumped into every stand and rolled around in every single one that’s spilt. So I do recommend using the little bits of paper (I’m sure you all do that already and it’s just me being a mug). I took my time and really tried to get to grips with what seems to be in style and the majority of them just were too powerful and I’d smell like some 80s gangsters or, they had this odd fruity smell which wasn’t doing it for me. And then I came across the Prada section (oo fancy Sam and his Prada), not expecting to like any of them if I’m honest, but then Ello? I picked up the Prada Luna Rossa Carbon tester and that was it. I’d found it. For me it’s a completely different smell to the Burberry, but has the same effect. It was like, “Sam you’re an adult now, whack this on you’ll be just fine.” As I said before I was still getting this casual sophistication but, it had a warmer tone to it and it’s now something I wish I’d found it earlier because it’s exactly what I was looking for. And I know you’d agreed if you had a little whiff saunter past you. 

For the past few years I’ve had this slight problem with dry/sore skin underneath my eyes (wow really selling yourself here sam) and it was getting to the point where I was trying anything and everything to control and it was just making it worse. And if I’m honest it’s something I was very aware of and I’m sure others were too, so I wanted to get it sorted. I was really getting frustrated with it and as always you go to your mum. She then pulls out this little squeeze bottle from Boots and it looks pretty basic. It’s a soothing cucumber eye gel that at first I was thinking, hang on a second this is no doubt going to make it worse. How wrong I was. I knew things like cucumber do help but when it’s a small and incredibly cheap product I had my reservations. But it’s amazing and the only thing that calms the redness down! It doesn’t get rid of the problem completely but, it does the job super well and I don’t have to worry just as much. Brilliant. If anyone else has the same issue have a go it’s great, also if anyone has a similar issue with a good cure, let me know because this is doing my nut in!

Half way writing this I’ve realised this is probably a two-part blog sooo, I’m going to leave it here for now! (most basic cliff-hanger? I think so). Also, the reason for leaving it until a few weeks’ time is that I recently purchased a few of James Bay’s collection with Topman and next week will be an ACTUAL BLOGGY/PHOTO SHOOT POST. I’m not sure how it will go but wish this geezer luck. Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of what I swear by and, look forward to the next part coming soon.

Thanks very much,



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