Sound And Style, Together For A While.

I think it’s common knowledge that music has a huge influence on your style whether it’s obvious or not. For me, the connection has always clear to me and it’s something I’m proud of. Think about it for a second. A sound or image of a musician makes you feel so strongly you adapt your appearance for it. Some might say it’s odd or over the top or weird but, I think it’s great to be so passionate about it, that you want to create your own version of the sound through your clothes.

Now I need to explain before you see some of the images (the first one...)  that even though we love something we are still young and we all make mistakes. So, enjoy a few embarrassing ones.

First of all, my first memory of making a ‘statement’ through my love of music, started when I was around the age of 12. In my head, I’d always wanted to be a musician and that’s been the lifelong dream. But I remember scrolling through the old-school YouTube and seeing a suggestion of a band called The Kooks. Bit of a weird name and who’s this bloke with loads of hair? Well I clicked on it, then another, then another and before you know it I was trying my best to imitate Luke Pritchard. I grew my hair out, got some skinny jeans (one of the first in my year to buy a pair), and basically devoted my entire wardrobe to him. Any new photo of a top or shirt I saw him in I’d go out on the weekend and try and find a replica of it. One outfit I can always remember was seeing him at a Burberry fashion show where he wore a grey top, black jeans and a blue shirt. At school, we visited the Birmingham clothes show which to me was my version of the Burberry show. Sam. This is it. Wear it. So, I did (see photo below) and despite looking nothing like him or anything like that. I felt confident. Sitting on the bus listening to all their albums so far, and feeling confident. Anyone of my friends from my school years would tell you in a heartbeat how obsessed I was but, it’s something I know that has shaped any fashion decision I have now. To be a bit different at young age can really be difficult and all though to others it may have been nothing, to me I was growing up musically and with style. It lead to so many other types of music and things I still listen to today.

(Sang a cover of The Kooks for my friends surprise party lol)

Fast forward to Sixth Form where I still had the mop head and one day I decided nope, the hair has got to go. I know I looked a mess and I’d definitely out grown that person. I remember listening to so many different bands and musicians around this time but one band grabbed a hold of me. The Neighbourhood. I was inspired by what music they created but also how they presented themselves. It was all black and white. Photos, clothes, hair you name it. And I was a part of it.  I would make sure my entire outfit was always black and white (even the socks and boxers), and for over a year I’d take photos but only in black and white. I think I’ve got quite an obsessive mind if I’m honest. Not in a bad way at all though. I mean it in the sense of, if I’m doing this, I’m doing it properly. The only thing I held back on which I sometimes regret because it was something I would’ve loved to have tried and that was dying my hair. Jesse Rutherford had dyed his hair half black half white. It looked amazing and I’m sure it’d have been crap on me but to say I’d gone on a bit of a mad one would’ve been pretty funny.

(Blurry but ace meeting these guys)

And now today. Since I can remember I’ve always had a huge love for 50s and 60s music and anyone who emulates that. I love what the songs mean, how they make you feel and the styles. The smart patterned shirt with crisp trousers, and a killer pair of shoes. This is for me where I’ve always wanted to be. My family always say I was born in the wrong era and I think they could be right. When I look at The Beatles and the album ‘Meet The Beatles’ in the turtle necks, it’s something that feels so fresh to me and including similar styles it’s unbeatable. For the more casual side I always think the style of Richard Hawley is the only option. A pair of turned up jeans, with a simple top or shirt, with a denim jacket, is just as smooth as that man’s music and style. Not forgetting and sharp pair of boots or loafers. I recommend looking at Fred Perry and Dr Martens for a burgundy pair of loafers. They are boss.
                                                             (Cool neck shot Sam)

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing this and maybe you can relate to your own nutty obsessions.

Thanks very much,



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