Dig Your Date Clothes

No matter what anyone says, the clothes you wear on a date are important. Not for the other person. For you. Wearing the right thing for you is that little extra confidence you need to pull out all the stops you know you’ve got in you.  For me dates are fairly irregular (not even a joke) but when I go on a few, the clothes I wear, gives the lady I’m out with an idea of me a person. It’s my identity guess? Sounds cringe, but you know what? Get over it because we all think that when we’re getting ready.

For me fashion is something I’m proud to say I enjoy so I think I do take pride in what I want to wear. I want to look good. Even if it doesn’t look that way from the outside long as you feel great, it’s cushty.

I’d say I’ve got two go to styles whenever I go on a date. I am not ashamed to say I’m a hopeless romantic, so when the opportunity comes around, I’m a proper gentleman and always go the extra mile (sometimes literally the extra miles on trains etc, but it’s always worth it…usually). In a strange way, I think its reflected in what I wear. The First outfit one is for those dates when it’s during the day and your wandering around doing all the site seeing, getting to know each other stuff. A striped t-shirt, denim jacket and a pair of your nicest jeans. Whichever colour denim jacket you pick, make sure you check before your leave they don’t look to odd with your jeans. Only Justin Timberlake and cowboys can pull off double denim so just remember that. In the picture below you see below the arms of the jacket are rolled up. For me I think it looks pretty good and if it’s a sunny day maybe an extra tan or sunburn on the arms? why not show you’re a risky kinda guy (*sarcasm* I always burn and that’s some actually really embarrassing date stories there...). all jokes aside it does mix the well with the chilled side of the date so always a good thing to remember. Id usually go for a white top with an either black or navy thin stripe. And you’re probably thinking, “Sam, mate that’s pretty basic, pack it in”. it’s true but you’ll find people go way over the top and force themselves to wear something out of their comfort zone and puts you in an uncomfortable mind-set before you’ve even met them. It’s not holding back yourself at all. It’s if anything showing the real you. 

My other style choice is always 50/60s related. As it’s the main point I’ve been banging on about through this entire post but again, that’s my identity that I feel good in. so whatever is your identity is, why not show abit of that to them? If they don’t like it then you pretty much know what you should do after that (cya mate no more dates with this person). Anyway, getting to the outfit. As you can see below it’s a mix of a wool top/jumper with a strong detail through the middle. This was from a Asos sale a few months and it was £18. I think it’s a steal. Any version of this is always a good choice and it doesn’t have to be the wool type one. A causal shirt with a slight bit of detail would go well too. I wore a classic pair of black skinny jeans (not too skinny anymore) and the shoes that I never take off. They are without a doubt my favourite shoes of all time. Dr Martens burgundy loafers are the best of both worlds. They suit the casual stroll dates with comfort and, in a more intimate pub date or something similar they go well with this slightly more smart/causal look. If you have a similar style then I’d recommend you have look at a pair.  

"Love your shoes mate! they're quality" Luke Pritchard, The Kooks, 2017 (not even a joke)

Hope you enjoyed this little trip in to what my thoughts are on feeling good in your date clothes. And on a side note before you go on a date, whack the song on that gets you grooving. Makes all the difference. Mine this time is Blossoms – This Moment. You’re welcome.

Thanks very much



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