Back From Beni

This time last week I was most likely slapping on the factor 50 and getting ready to chill by the sea. That’s right last week I went away with some pals to Benicassim festival.

Before I go into the details there’s something I need to say. I can honestly say this was one of my most memorable experiences to date. Spending time with mates, listening to music that you love and just being in the sun with a cold one is just the surface of it. It was a proper holiday with little memories that I’ll never forget and luckily some have been captured.

I was blown away by some of the music we saw. For me bands like Blossoms and seeing the last snippet of Pete Doherty were great but some just blew me away. Watching the Red Hot Chilli Peppers absolutely smash it was incredible, they are a band I’ve loved since I was the age of 10, and to see them still tear the stage up was quality. Kasabian. Well well well. The final band we saw of the week and it was the best ending. All of us cutting shapes that I’m sure are illegal in some countries…(kidding). Basically, are moves were champion and no one could handle it. Especially at the beach stage. Videos were taken and will be kept a secret.

But I think me and my mates can safely say the band that stole the week was Kaleo. A band I’d never heard of before but was told by friends that this would be lit (their words not mine). And they didn’t disappoint. You know when you’re looking for a band that ticks all the right boxes and are the music you’ve been missing? That’s Kaleo to me. They were incredible and without a doubt will be seeing them again. You should check them out to.

Going to a festival abroad with only the small allowance you’re provided with for luggage can be a struggle to bring decent clothes, especially when you have to ram a tent in there too. My advice is vacuum pack your clothes and buy a cheap tent you know you’ll throw away. It works wonders because all the clothes you had vacuumed will now fit afterwards, so don’t go searching for a hoover at the airport. You won’t need it.

For the majority of the holiday I wore shirts. Best way to feel comfortable in the heat and a collar as protection on your neck (all about the sun protection). I had a few linen styled shirts and the rest where from sales in H&M, River Island or ‘vintage’ tops picked up from anywhere.  Pattern is also key at a festival, brings out the dancing I’d say (but that might just be the Desperados talking).

If I’m honest I don’t usually like wearing shorts. Never been a huge fan and I really find it difficult but, in this weather you’ve got to whack them on. I got myself a great black jean styled pair with rolled hem and they did the job. They were from H&M and fit like a glove (and the staff discount was a big bonus).  Also I highly recommend buying a comfy pair or trousers for the journey home it's exactly what you'll need, no matter how crazy they look. you can't put a price on comfort, actually you can and its £12.99 from H&M (again..) I found them in the ladies sale (that's right) and they were light blue, pinstriped, linen trousers. comfy and cool. that'll do. 
I’m not just saying this because I work there but I’d recommend going to H&M before you go on holiday, they seem to get the holiday outfits just right every year. No joke. No ads. Lol.

While I was there I took a disposable camera with me and got some great shots. Some of my favourites will be on this post and shout out to Angel and George for getting some great shots too.

Finally, I’d just like to say, I’d urge anyone to go away with friends to a festival like Benicassim because it’s one you’ll always remember. Maybe book a hotel or something like that but all the experiences I had, I wouldn’t change a thing. And obviously, the music is such an important thing but for me I came back with some great memories with some great pals that wasn’t always with the music. Here’s to the next one!

Thanks very much,



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